Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics
          (ISSN 2093-9310, e-ISSN 2287-6235)

Volume 5, No. 1

pp. 1—281 (January 2013)                      Contents


Dislocated fuzzy quazi metric spaces and common fixed points

Reny George, S. M. Kang 

Pages  1-13

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On soft Hausdorff spaces

Banu Pazar Varol, Halis AygÄun

Pages 15-24

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Rough intuitionistic fuzzy sets in semigroups

Jayanta Ghosh, T. K. Samanta

Pages 25-34

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On soft multi sets

Babitha K V, Sunil Jacob John

Pages 35-44

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Generalized ()-weak contractions involving (f, g)-reciprocally continuous maps in fuzzy metric spaces

Penumarthy Parvateesam Murthy, Urmila Mishra, Rashmi, Calogero Vetro

Pages  45-57  

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On (,  q)-intuitionistic fuzzy h-ideals of hemirings

Mohsen Asghari-Larimi, Young Bae Jun

Pages 59-71  

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Inverse and direct systems of soft modules

Taha Yasin Ozturk, Cigdem Gunduz(Aras), Sadi Bayramov 

Pages 73-85  

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Fuzzy soft topological spaces

Tugbahan Simsekler, Saziye Yuksel 

Pages 87-96  

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Some characterizations of intra-regular semigroups by their generalized fuzzy ideals

Madad Khan, Feng Feng, Saima Anis, Muhammad Qadeer

Pages 97-105  

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Common fixed point theorems using implicit relation and property (E.A) in fuzzy metric spaces

Suneel Kumar, Sunny Chauhan

Pages  107-114  

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Prime fuzzy bi-ideals of -semigroups

Shahida Bashir, Maria Amin, and Muhammad Shabir 

Pages 115-128  

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Saturated T-syntopogenous spaces

Khaled A. Hashem  

Pages 129-138  

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Absorbing maps and fixed point theorems in fuzzy metric spaces using implicit relation

Abhay S. Ranadive, Anuja P. Chouhan   

Pages  139-146  

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Fixed point theorems in M-fuzzy metric spaces

Deepak Singh, Mayank Sharma, Ramakant Sharma 

Pages 147-155  

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Neutrosophic soft set

Pabitra Kumar Maji  

Pages 157-168  

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On cubic -hyperideals in left almost -semihypergroups

Muhammad Aslam, Tanzeela Aroob, Naveed Yaqoob 

Pages  169-182  

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Fuzzy h-ideals with operators in -hemirings

Deng Pan, Jianming Zhan 

Pages 183-192  

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T-locality groups

Khaled A. Hashem 

Pages 193-212   

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Non-probabilistic sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of atmospheric dispersion

Rituparna Chutia, Supahi Mahanta, D. Datta 

Pages 213-228  

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On the topological structure of intuitionistic fuzzy soft sets

Zhaowen Li, Rongchen Cui  

Pages 229-239  

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On IF-rough oscillatory region and it's application in decision making

Sharmistha Bhattacharya(Halder), Susmita Roy   

Pages   241-267  

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Some common fixed point theorems for non-Archimedean L-fuzzy metric spaces

Anju Rani, Renu Chugh  

Pages  269-281  

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