began publication in 2011. Normally 6 issues per two volumes per year are published.

AFMI is published and distributed by Kyung Moon Sa.

AFMI is indexed by MathSciNet(for details) and Korea Citation Index.

And it is an UGC approved journal(for details).


Submission of papers:

AFMI aims at quick publication of original research in the theory and applications of 

Fuzzy Sciences based on Mathematics and Information Sciences. To ensure speedy

publication, only articles which are sufficiently well presented are refereed. This policy

is in the interests of authors, as a quick rejection is better than a slow rejection.

      Editorial decisions on acceptance or otherwise are taken quickly, normally within

a month of receipt of the paper. Papers are accepted only after peer review. Manuscripts

are accepted for review with the understanding that the same work is not concurrently

submitted elsewhere.

    Articles should be prepared in LaTeX using AFMI-class packages(See  Preparation of papers below) and submitted as a

PDF file. Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically to the ONLY one  of Editors-in-Chief.

Editors-in-Chief :

Kul Hur (


Preparation of papers

The authors have to use the TeX Style Files for the final preparation of the accepted

manuscript. Please download LaTex(2e) Macro style files(it contains sample file) which can be used to formulate

your manuscripts into the journal style forms.

                   LaTex(2e) Macros:

If your paper contains graphs or figures which can not be processed even in LaTex(2e), make

them EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) files. See sample-afmi.tex how to handle eps files.

AFMI will request the LaTeX source code when the article has been accepted for publication

or, in some cases, prior to peer review.

Authors are advised to keep copies of all files of the submitted article; AFMI will not accept

responsibility for any loss.


Manuscripts must be written in English Using Tex, and accompanied by
 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification as founded in


Typesetting Charge with LaTex (AFMI style)

Typesetting with LaTex (AFMI style) is subject to a page charge of $20.00 per typeset page.


References should be listed alphabetically in the following style:
  [1] K. Hur, H. W. Kang and K. C. Lee, Fuzzy equivalence relations and fuzzy partitions,

        Honam Math. J. 28 (2006) 291--315.

  [2] J. N. Mordeson, D. S. Malik and N. Kuroki, Fuzzy semigroups, Springer, 2003.

  [3] M. S. Kang, Some applications of hyper and soft set theory to several algebras,

       Ph. D. Dissertation, Hanyang University,  2010.


Page Charges!

Before your accepted article can be uploaded in "Article in Press" of the Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics (AFMI),

the author is required to contribute with a small fee (publication charge), which has to be calculated with the following formulat:

      fee (publication charge) = 50 + 10n (USD)

where n is the number of pages of the article to be published.

For domestic author(s), it will be calculated with the following formula:

     fee (publication charge) = 50,000 + 10,000×n (Korean Won)

where n is the number of pages of the article to be published.

The above amount has to be paid through an international credit transfer in the following bank account:


Account No : 1083-01-031836 (AFMI, Kul Hur) JEONBUK BANK, LTD SEOUL, KOREA


 Individual Hard Cover : Infromation for Author(s)
If it is necessary to use "Individual hard cover", then plese make it by using following files.
Individual hard cover files


The corresponding author will receive a pdf proof by e-mail, and is asked to check this proof 

carefully and  should send revised version with revision notes (if any).

 Ethical Issues:
For the policies on the research and publication ethics not stated in this instructions, international standards 

for editores and authors( can be applied.


 Managing Editors:

Jeong Gon Lee(, Junhui Kim (