Generalized upper and lower continuous multifunctions

        Ismail Ibedou and S. E. Abbas

          PDF (138KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180114R1

On soft nano semicontinuity and soft nano precontinuity

        S. S. Benchalli, P. G. Patil, Nivedita S. Kabbur and J. Pradeepkumar

          PDF (354KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-171206-1R3

Neutrosophic falling shadows applied to subalgebras and ideals in -algebras

        Young Bae Jun, Florentin Smarandache, Hashem Bordbar

          PDF (310KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180320R1

Measuring entropy values of QRS-complexes before and after training program of sport horses with ECG

        Zarife Zararsiz

          PDF (278KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180226-1R2

Semiring on weak nearness approximation spaces

        Mehmet Ali Öztürk

          PDF (315KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180310-2R2

Intuitionistic hyperspaces

        J. H. Kim, P. K. Lim, J. G. Lee and K. Hur

          PDF (387KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-171206R1